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My Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

I want to start this article by saying it is NOT necessary to hire a personal trainer for yourself. You can easily find all the information you need online through Google and Youtube itself. The only problem with that is that it will probably take years and studying and trial and error, Unless you are a natural genius for fitness. There are literally piles of piles of information about fitness and so many ways to achieve your goals. But with much information on the web the liekly hook of false information increases. Even if there were no false information, most of us would go into information overload, a state where we just don’t know what to do with all the information. How do we fix this problem? Simple, hire a personal trainer! Here are my top reasons for hiring a personal trainer.

Personal trainers are just like your personal mentor

Look close at any of the greatest athletes or icons and you will find that many of them had a mentor or personal coach. Take for example, Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Even with his legendary skills, he probably wouldn’t have gotten to where he was without a coach. There are couple different aspects of coaching. One is technical and the other is mental. Just like any sport of subject, Many of us have the skills but not the proper mindset. A coach can help direct us when we feel like giving up, correct us when we get onver-confident, and let us know when we make technical errors. Because let’s face it, we are all humans and humans all make mistakes.

If a trainer is really passionate about what they do, they have the results that show on themselves and their clients. Your ideal personal trainer should have the body and health levels that you want. They should be someone you really admire and respect, mainly because you know they have gone through everything you have and probably more.

A personal trainer is essentially your mentor. They have the knowledge and skills to guide you on your fitness path. They will tell you how to properly execute the exercises and correct you if you do it wrong. They will provide motivation when you feel like giving up. They pretty much spoon feed you everything you need to know. With someone like this on your side, can you imagine how much time you’d save versus if you were to do everything yourself?

How to filter out the bad and good

By now you should be realizing how much you are missing out by not having a personal trainer. Let’s go over some things to ensure you find yourself a trusted trainer and not just some inexperienced random person talking nonsense.

First start out by writing down your goals. What is it that you want to obtain from a personal trainer? What kinds of questions do you want to ask and do you prefer a male or female trainer? Once you established this you can start by asking friends and family for referrals. See who they recommend and the results that they got. But don’t just stop there, be sure to do some diligent research on the trainer and try to see other results they have gotten. Does the trainer look like someone you would want to mentor you? Remember, you want a trainer who have gone through the same hardwork and sweat you have gone through. It will be easier to connect because they know first hand what you are going through.

Another option is to look online. With many available options throughout the net, you can easily find a trainer will a history of reviews and results. A great option to start looking is with Sacfitnesstrainer. They have many personal trainer in Sacramento that they filtered out for you if you’re in the California area. Just be sure to look to always do a second check on the internet. You can do this by searching their name and seeing what comes up.


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4 benefits of having your own personal trainer

instagram fitnessWith the new fitness pictures on Instagram is becoming an epidemic, more and more people are trying their luck at the gym. From the beginner who has never laid eyes in a gym to a veteran who always loses motivation during certain parts of the year, everyone wants to be in better shape. The good news is that if you’re a beginner, you can easily find help from a personal trainer in your area. Although not necessary, hiring a personal trainer can benefit you because they offer proper guidance, get you real results, provide proper motivation, and if you’re a veteran they can help you prepare for an event. Here are some benefits broken down for you:


Unless you have been working out for decades or constantly studying gym equipment, then you’re probably not a fitness expert. One of the main benefits you will get by finding your own personal trainer is that they can offer you proper guidance. Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, there are many types of personal trainers for any individual. Having guidance means that you have someone knowledgeable in their field directing you towards your goals. For example, if you are trying to lose more weight, a personal trainer can provide specific exercises to maximize weight loss. A personal trainer should know the best routes and thus getting you results much faster than if you were to learn on your own.

This is why we recommend trainers such as Kristin, She’s voted best personal training Sacramento. Kristin is also NASM certified, nutrition major, has an overall passion for health and fitness, and is a great overall role model because she practice what she preaches.


A common reason why so many people seek help from a trainer is because they haven’t been seeing proper results. They may be doing the incorrect exercises needed to reach their goals, or they are probably doing exercises incorrectly that move them further away from their goals. Nonetheless, a personal trainer is prepared to acquire personal information about their clients in order to find the best strategy based on their goals. For example, if you’re struggling to put on more muscle mass, personal training Sacramento can help identify where you may be going wrong. Whether you may be doing certain exercises incorrectly or not getting in proper nutrients, your trainer should be able to identify your errors so that you get the results you want.


Many of us experience times where we are exceptionally unmotivated to go to the gym. But with personal training, we have to remember not only are we spending our money but our time as well. Knowing that you have an appointment with your trainer should be enough to get up and be ready for your workouts, being unmotivated in this situation is just self-sabotage but also wasting your trainers time. One of a personal trainers job is to help motivate their clients, much of their success comes from the results of their clients, so it is beneficiary for them to do what it takes to get their clients to the gym.

preparing for events

As a veteran or an experienced person of fitness, you may already understand what it takes to get into physical shape but when you’re preparing for a special event, such as a body building competition, it is imperative that you get some type of coaching to ensure you’re maximizing your results. For example, you may be exceptionally fit but exceptionally fit won’t win you first in a body building competition. In order to win these events, one would have to go as far as getting their body fat percentage to as low at 6%! This will require a strict diet, proper nutrition, sleep, and planned workouts. Having a coach or trainer to help you plan for these events are crucial to your success on stage.

Optimal nutrition

While many of us who hear the words “personal trainer” we generally think gym and exercise. While that is true, trainers are not limited to just exercise, but qualified personal trainers are well versed in proper nutrition as well. Nutrition knowledge is but not limited to what types of food your body needs in order to perform at maximum levels. This includes getting in the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals, and if you’re an athlete or bodybuilder, getting in the proper amount of protein will determine your success.

Personal trainer Kristin is well equipped in all of these attributes and is a major keystone for success among many fit indivuals in Sacramento.


How to find the best dentist in Sacramento California

How to carefully pick a longterm Dentist in California

If you are a resident of California , then you need to find a dentist near you. You never know when you will need help with painful teeth, sensitivity tooth, or any other oral health. The good news is that there are many providers of California dental care and thus finding the right one is easy, although you need to know the various factors that you need to consider before you choose and hire. You never know the importance of your teeth until the day you suffer from sensitive teeth or toothache. Teeth play an important role in the life of an individual. They do not just help chew but also ensure that you smile with confidence.Below are some things to look at when choosing a dentist in Sacramento California


This is definitely an important factor that everyone considers in the choice of any service. Consider whether the dentist accepts your insurance. Note that most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic dental procedures. However, most of them will cover the full cost of medical dental procedures.

Check with your insurance provider and the dentist and take note of what covered and what’s not. The cost of procedures such as root canal therapy, crowns, and filing varies from one dentist ton other as well as from one dental clinic to the other. Thus, you may have to compare the rates from several dentist and dental clinics and compare them.

Personal Comfort

You should choose a dentist which you feel comfortable working with. You may have to read some reviews or get referrals from peers and friends if you want to work with a dentist who will always listen to your concerns and address them appropriately.

Professional Qualifications

Dentistry is branch of medicine which requires professional skills and experience. Ensure that you check the professional qualifications of the dentist and ensure that they are well trained, board-certified and experienced. Professional dentists at Californiadentalclinics will be willing to share details about their professional qualifications when you ask them.

Schedule convenience

Again, people are busy. Many healthcare providers are becoming more aware they need to increase their office hours and offer after-hour appointments as well as weekend time slots.


A person’s reputation follows them everywhere, all the time. It’s crucial when searching for a dentist near you, that you check his or her reputation by asking for referrals from his clients. It should be a red flag if he or she won’t provide you with referrals.

Office appearance.

When initially visiting, don’t be afraid of checking around for cleanliness and orderliness. Is the staff friendly and helpful? Do they seem as if they enjoy working there? All of these things will help you determine if this is the right oral health care provider for you.

Location and Appearance

You may want to choose a dentist that is located close to your place of residence. This would make it convenient for you to get to your appointment in a short amount of time. You also will probably want to choose a dental office that appears clean and neat. This will most likely make you feel more comfortable and safe if it is well organized and taken care of. If the staff is friendly and helpful with any questions you may have, it could be a good indicator that they will take good care of you during your dental treatments.

With over 200 dentists in California, you are bound to find one that will fit the needs of you and your family. To find a great dentist in California, make sure you ask around for recommendations from your friends, family, or neighbors. Being thorough and asking lots of questions will help you to determine if that dentist is right for you. It may also help you to feel more comfortable if you choose a location that is close to your home and appears clean and organized.

Certainly, this isn’t a complete list of the ways to find a dentist near you, but it will definitely give you a head start in your search. It will give you something to think about and help you remember some important considerations you may forget to ask about. When searching for a health care provider of any sort, don’t ever be fearful to ask questions. That way, you can develop a relationship of trust that will only benefit you and your family for a lifetime.


Breaking the chicken breast and vegetable fallacy

Many of the people I work with when I ask, “what are you eating that makes you healthy?” usually answer me with chicken breast and broccoli. Now don’t get me wrong, chicken breast and vegetables are definitely on the healthier spectrum than not. But I can’t help but feel that people think that is the only go to when they need to be healthy along with fruits, vegatables, and brown rice (all which are healthy). But just because those are common options doesn’t mean that they are the only options.

Each and every one of us require a certain amount of nutrients to fuel our bodies and each amount varies among the individual.

The term Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients are the types of nutrients our bodies need in order to function. The Macro part consists of Fats, Carbs, and Protein while the Micro consist of vitamins and minerals. Once you learn how much Macro’s and Micro-nutrients your body needs, You’ll soon realize that your diet can be more flexible. Refer to the video below for more details.