Breaking the chicken breast and vegetable fallacy

Many of the people I work with when I ask, “what are you eating that makes you healthy?” usually answer me with chicken breast and broccoli. Now don’t get me wrong, chicken breast and vegetables are definitely on the healthier spectrum than not. But I can’t help but feel that people think that is the only go to when they need to be healthy along with fruits, vegatables, and brown rice (all which are healthy). But just because those are common options doesn’t mean that they are the only options.

Each and every one of us require a certain amount of nutrients to fuel our bodies and each amount varies among the individual.

The term Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients are the types of nutrients our bodies need in order to function. The Macro part consists of Fats, Carbs, and Protein while the Micro consist of vitamins and minerals. Once you learn how much Macro’s and Micro-nutrients your body needs, You’ll soon realize that your diet can be more flexible. Refer to the video below for more details.